Latest news from Creekside Vinyl – Nov 18


The new Creekside Vinyl now sits proudly in the centre of Faversham, our second move in eight months. The business was originally started back in 2014 by Dan Salter on the side of Faversham Creek…hence the name!! After four years, in April 2108, Simon Tyler brought the business and moved it to the upstairs of the Tudor barn on Standard Quay. In that time, we introduced brand new records in addition to the much-loved second hand.

Music is a portal through which we access memories. Creekside Vinyl is more than just another shop….it is a place to reconnect with good times and cherished sounds that have shaped your life. This is something we’ve done and continue to do in our shop, day in day out…. and now, also via this regular newsletter…

So…if there’s a song, an album, a gig, a band or anything you want to talk about in future editions of this newsletter… just drop us a line!

Our new address is 3 Market Street in Faversham.  Email:  We will be open Thursday evenings before Christmas until 7pm.


Black Circle Club launch party
We have also launched the Black Circle Club, a loose affiliation of record buyers and music lovers. A very successful launch party was held at Standard Quay with live music by the huge and very corporeal Tiny Ghost, who played a rip-roaring emotional surf ride of a set to fifty plus people crammed into the shop.  It was a great evening!
Black Circle Club membership is free and members receive exclusive invitations, discounts and special offers.  Please email to sign up.

Black Circle Club Christmas Party – 7th December 7.30-9.30pm
Come and have a browse, utilise your 10% discount card, have a Christmas drink and snacks. Merry Christmas everybody!!

New LPs Coming soon:
Barbara Streisand: Walls
Michael Bublé : Love.
Bryan Ferry: Bitter Sweet:
Elvis Presley : King of the Ring ( 1968 comeback)

New to Creekside Vinyl

GPO Record Players:
We are now proud to be partnering with GPO and offering a range of brand new, vintage style, record players.  From the lovely Bermuda, which would be a smart feature in any chic and stylish home, to the portable Ambassador which has blue tooth facility, so you modern people, can wirelessly get your vinyl sounds from your Bluetooth speakers. Pop in an see these exciting record payers which make fantastic Christmas presents.

Gift vouchers
Perfect for the music lovers in your life so they can choose their own Christmas presents!  In denominations of your choice. An attractive voucher presented with its own envelope – it makes for an ideal gift. These can be bought in the shop.





Blues from the 50s (Sweet Home Chicago) Various Artists (ReTrack Records -RR01)

Back in the Jurassic age, a young Eric Clapton left The Yardbirds  just as they became successful …exclaiming musical differences…. stating they were drifting away from the straight up Chicago Blues that he loved so much. Well, Slowhand would surely approve of this fabulous collection brought to us by local lad Les Fancourt.  Like EC, Les is steeped in the Blues, and he knows his stuff. This record is curated as much as collected. A true labour of love, as the eloquent and informative sleeve notes attest to. We have names the casual blues lover will know (Howlin’ Wolf/Muddy Walters/Elmore James) and names to delight bluesologists who are looking for obscure classics (Robert Nighthawk/ JB Hutto/ John Brim).

Les has sourced, brought together and perfectly sequenced a fantastic cohort of the leading figures of Chicago Blues in the early fifties. The studio quality recordings will grace any turntable and transport you to the smokey clubs of the mid-west. It’s hard, almost impossible, to pick any stand-out tracks from this Collection which is so well constructed. But Robert Lockwood’s “Aw Aw (Sweet home Chicago)” rolls along at a fair old lick and will get all feet tapping and in Billy Boy Arnold’s ”I wish you would” we understand exactly what old Eric Clapton was on about. A sound that infused and infected a bunch of young lads from South West London. And of course, The Yardbirds’ covered it and released it as their first single early 1964.

Look Now – Elvis Costello and the Imposters (Conchord Records)

Over forty years since Elvis Costello’s calling Card “My Aim Is True” first shocked and delighted, his first offering for five years “Look Now” sees Elvis returning to his classic formula. Great, articulate songs which are well arranged and exquisitely played. The Imposters are effectively The Attractions without bassist Bruce Thomas. They famously fell out (if you want to know why, check out Bruce’s very funny book “The Big Wheel” it’s fascinating).

Steve Nieve’s delicate keyboards are the dominate instrument on a collection of songs which is as strong as ever. This is no surprise, especially given the co-write credits include Burt Bacharach and Carole King.  We are at the top table and no mistake.

Costello’s lyrics are still as visceral and barbed as ever. With his tongue firmly in his cheek he starts with “Under Lime” – a cautionary, seedy, tale of a rock star comeback “we know he’s desperate” – autobiography or social comment?  As ever, the line is thin between the two. The songs here are grown up and repay repeated listening. Nothing as instant as Oliver’s Army. The sneering antagonism of “This Years Model” is replaced with a world weary and resigned voice, though one you feel it wouldn’t take too much to rouse.

‘Look Now’ is an excellent edition to a considerable body of work. With his genre hoping and wonderful artistic restlessness, Elvis has often gone in and out of fashion, however what we have here is a competent and studied album. A master performer who is at the top of his game. This album is a must-have for fans of refined songs which look back and yet lean forward. Modern and timeless.