Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid. - Frank Zappa

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Simon Tyler...some kinda history

As the punk wars raged in the late 1970s, I became a foot solider and a subversive. I heard and responded to the clarion call of the fast, thrashy, angry and often discordant music , which cared too much and equally didn’t care at all. Rebel slogans and an angst-ridden posture were adopted, nights drenched in sweat and sweet cider at the Marquee and Lyceum followed. …..and yet! My parents Beatles albums shone like the spun gold that they are….”With The Beatles” being my favourite , then as it still is now! Also, the lemonade for the ears of  the second movement of the Beethoven’s 5th symphony, followed by giggling visits in the gods of  English National Opera , offered me a  one way ticket into classical music. The sacred majesty of Bach. Mozart or the intricate beauty of Chopin, William Byrd or Arvo Part still feel like the best trip ever.  From the bebop, cooler than cool, jazz of Miles and Charlie Parker, I followed the stream, back to Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington and forward to John and Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Wynton Marsalis  and of course, Mingus.

At the same time The Jazz Funk clubs of north and central London and the folk clubs around the country held my attention in different ways. Both the Crusaders and the Watersons influenced my style and enlarged my record collection. This was good, though a mix of Farrah slacks and Harris Tweed sadly never really caught on.

I could, and often do, go on and on and on…..Synth Rock, Krautrock, Goth, Mod, Rock n Roll, Post Punk, New Wave, New Romantic, Power Pop, Bubblegum pop, Heavy Metal, Country, Alt Country, Show Tunes, Easy Listening, Dance, Trance, Ambient and Glam have all moved me. From the big mainstream ” classic artist” to the DIY lo-fi indie scene, I want to hear it all! I want it all.

So how come I find myself owning Faversham’s happening music emporium?What’s my Story, my journey?

I’ve worked as an Actor, running a theatre on the London fringe, I’ve sold clothes, sports shoes and guitars. I’ve managed large charities offering support and training to people with Autism and learning disabilities. I’ve help placed volunteers in primary schools to help children learn to read. I had a few years as “Silly Simon”  the children’s entertainer…I can play the best game of musical statues that you have ever seen.

I wasn’t looking for it, but as a regular customer I grasped with both hands the opportunity to take over the successful Creekside Vinyl shop a few months ago. … living a dream, is the cliché which fits most snugly to the situation I find myself. We’ve moved the shop into a new premises, still in Standard Quay but in a fantastic 16 century barn, no more hitting your head on the ceiling…..We’ve introduced a growing and changing collection of brand new presses, New releases as well as classics which you can rarely find second hand.  Also, we have a constantly evolving catalogue of freshly cleaned second hand vinyl. All genres covered, all styles catered for. Whether you are a casual browser, or a seasoned cratedigger, we have something for you.

Noël Coward said there was nothing in the world as potent as popular usic and at Creekside Vinyl we are not going to argue with that view.

Come and add to your collection or recover an old memory. We offer a complete record buying experience in a friendly, fun and welcoming space.

You’ll find us in the centre of Faversham at:
3 Market Street
Kent ME13 7AH

We’re open Tuesday to Saturday.
We open on occasional Sundays, normally 1st Sunday of the month.

New website coming soon…